Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trying Out A Glass Dip Pen

As I get ink samples in the mail, it was always a chore to have to fill up a pen, try it out then clean the pen before moving to the next sample. This happens when cataloging inks as well, at least for me. There must be an easier way to accomplish this.

Enter the glass dip pen. I have seen these before online for sale and other people using them for the same reason I mentioned at the beginning. I have a huge ink sample collection and this pen is great.

I was surprised by the smooth aspect of the glass nib. I have not had to use any micro mesh at all. The glass nib is fluted and those flutes are what channel the ink to the page, much like a feed in a fountain pen.

I did notice that if you hold it and write as you would with a typical pen, the ink runs out rather quickly. Thinking this through logically, if you write a couple words then rotate the pen about half a turn then write again, you will be using all of the flutes on the nib and then you do not need to dip into ink as often.

The nib width seems to fall between a fine and a medium nib. It is not a gusher by any means but does lie down an adequate line of ink. Would I write a letter with this pen? I don' think so but so far I have used it on some new inks and cleanup was a breeze. A quick whisk through clean water then dry with a towel or napkin then good to move onto the next ink.

I purchased this pen from Amazon for a modest fee of $12.99 which to me is a great bargain. It looks nice, is hand made and performs very well. Sampling inks will be much more efficient from now on. Wonderful.

Try one out. They are cost effective and fun. Just don't tap it on the bottle to get any excess ink out since it is a glass pen.


  1. This dip pen looks beautiful! I keep meaning to get one to try out :)

    P.S. - A letter is on its way to you.

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