About Me

Hi there! I am a middle-aged husband and dad that has an obsession for fountain pens, ink, paper and all things that are analog based communication mediums.

I have had many friends suggest that I create a blog as I am so passionate about these things and perhaps they want me to talk about them here so they are not constantly hearing about it.

I am planning on posting reviews and overall thoughts on the analog expressions that I am so fond of.



  1. Nice! It's so cool that you blogging about your passions. Thinking i need one for my cat, tea, and book obsessions. Right now, i'm enjoying yours. Great job!

    1. Thanks Devie! Anytime you want to write a post, you have an outlet here. Let me know...my blog, your blog.

  2. Squatter! Enjoyed seeing you. Thanks for letting me try those pens out!