Sunday, March 7, 2021

Scriptorium Pens

 There area lot of pen manufacturer's out in the world. Some are big business and big brands such as Pelikan, Visconti and the like. There are also some pen makers that are not as large but still make a quality pen. Today I would like to talk about Scriptorium Pens.

I have seen some of Renee's work online and yes, Renee is the person behind the Scriptorium Pens brand. I would check out her website and browse the models available to commission but never pulled the trigger. 

One day, I open Instagram and there is a post from Scriptorium Pens and it is for a pen that is available for purchase. It was a medium sized Idyll in a gorgeous material named Tortoise from Bob Dupras. The Idyll was one of my favorite looking pen models from the website. I sent a PM to Renee and was able to purchase this pen. It was fate. I had seen other pens for sale on Instagram posts from Scriptorium Pens but they were always sold by the time I saw them.

The Idyll's shape is what I really like. It is cylindrical with a slight taper to the base of the pen and then these little points on both the base and cap. 

The Tortoise material from Bob Dupras is stunning and really pops in the light. I spent some time trying to match an ink with it that had the same richness and color profile. I chose Montblanc James Purdey and Sons Single Malt and it is a great pairing.

The nib I chose is a broad as I do love a thick, wet line. This is a Jowo steel nib with a gold plating, which really matches the pen material. A very smooth writing nib that never disappoints. 

After using the Idyll, I just needed to get another one of Renee's pens. My second favorite pen model was the Zephyr and the real task at hand was to pick a suitable material to have the pen made from. 

I wanted to choose something from Jonathan Brooks. I was torn between Fubuki Koi and Calico Koi. I sent a PM to Renee and mentioned that I wanted to commission a Zephyr but was torn between the materials. She wrote back and stated she has a rod of the Fubuki Koi and had never made a pen from it. Sold. This is a lot lighter than the Fubuki Koi that Jonathan Brooks makes now and I actually like the subtlety of this version.

The nib is a broad Jowo steel nib and once again is a great smooth writer. 

I now am the proud owner of two Scriptorium Pens and I love them. They are machined perfectly and the part that I love the most is that the caps are snug and I have never had a problem with a dried out nib. Great quality pens and Renee at Scriptorium Pens is a delight to work with. 

This review is based off of my personal experiences and opinion. I do not represent Scriptorium Pens nor am I being compensated in any way.

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