Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ryan Krusac Legend 16 Scrimshaw Pen

I had an opportunity to meet this family at the Chicago Pen Show this year. Ryan's pens are simply elegant and very well constructed. What strikes me about his pens are the interesting and unique materials used for the pens. I purchased this particular pen during the Krusac Home Pen Show they held when they were unable to make the San Francisco show. This Scimshaw is spectacular.

Scrimshaw is the term given to scrollwork, engravings and carvings done in bone or ivory. The body of this pen is Moose Antler with an engraving done with laser depicting Poseidon fighting the Kraken. The image is hard to photograph so I asked Ryan Krusac for a copy of the image file.

 The pen is a large pen, which is perfect for my hands and it has some heft. The Legend 16 moniker refers to the circumference of the pen which is 16mm. The cap is E. Indian Rosewood, if I remember correctly. It is simply gorgeous and is a numbered edition of #14/150.

 The nib is a Jowo #6 steel broad nib. In true Jowo fashion, it is a super smooth writer and has a great flow to it. 

 I would also like to mention the wonderful customer service I experienced with the ordering of this pen. I ordered this pen on a Saturday and received a call from Julia Krusac on Monday. The pen on the website was listed as #13/150 and the actual pen was #14/150 so she was asking if I still wanted the pen. That is great attention to detail and I love that they called to ask. Also, they were out of broad nibs and had placed a rush order of them so my pen wouldn't ship until Thursday of that week. Once again, all of this was fine by me but the extra attention to detail and customer focus really resonated with me. I am a very happy customer. 

 All in all, this pen is a masterpiece. It is simply gorgeous and writes like a dream. It is also a conversation starter. Ryan Krusac is a true artisan and has a tremendous family. I am hoping to see them at the Ohio Pen Show and will more than likely be making a purchase then too. I am a customer for life.

This review is based off of my personal experiences and opinion. I do not represent Ryan Krusac nor am I being compensated in any way.