Monday, December 25, 2017

Franklin Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic - Antique Glass

As most of you know, I really love Franklin-Christoph products and I especially love their customer service. Shortly before Christmas, Franklin-Christoph put a limited number of their model 02 and 31 pens,  in the coveted Antique Glass finish, up for sale. I already have a model 31 pen but the 02 was on my wish list and here it is.

 The 02 has an interesting design where the barrel tapers around the mid point of the barrel to the end of the pen. Pictures on the internet make this look very drastic and I was really not wanting one of these for the longest time based off of that. That all changed when a pen friend of mine purchased one of these in the Antique Glass finish from a waiting list. After writing with this pen and seeing how the taper is not as dramatic as online pictures show it to be, I wanted it. 

 As with most F-C pens, these are lightweight and well balanced. The 02 has a nice length for people with larger hands and it posts very deeply which is the purpose for the taper but I don't like to post, so no biggie. 

The nib is their broad offering in steel and it writes like butter on the page. It is a #6 sized nib and is quite juicy, just the way I like.

I had the option of adding a clip to the cap or going clipless. Since the 66 I have is without clip, I went without the clip here as well. I really prefer the clipless offering and it makes the removal from the pen case nice and easy. 

The Antique Glass finish is stunning and now I understand why these particular pens are so very popular. I ended up filling this pen as an eyedropper with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire  which looks amazing with this finish. 

All in all I love this pen and it makes my 4th Franklin-Christoph writing instrument. At this rate, I may need to add one of each model to the collection. A very merry Christmas indeed!

This review is based off of my experiences and opinions. I do not represent Franklin-Christoph nor am i being compensated in any way.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why Choose a Fountain Pen?

I have been seeing articles more and more lately concerning the rise in fountain pen sales both here in the United States and Internationally. This got me to remember a blog post I did early on called Why Fountain Pens? but what about from a different point of view? I put out a call to some of my fountain pen friends and one has responded and given me permission to use. Here is why my friend Chris loves fountain pens and chooses them over other instruments of writing.

"I considered myself a bit of a pen snob; my father had a good taste for nice ballpoint (and later gel) pens which I inherited (and would often "steal" his pens when able). I remember specifically mentioning being a bit of a pen snob to a co-worker a few years back, and it wasn't but a month or so later and he shows me a fountain pen. I was immediately enamored! I ordered one of my own at his suggestion, and once it arrived I was struck by how much joy it brought back to writing. I've even begun practicing calligraphy.

I've noticed a few benefits for myself by writing. First it's a stress-reliever. My mind is always going, and writing down my thoughts helps calm my mind down. Second I have experienced mental benefits in regards to thinking (forcing you to contemplate things as you write them), and to hand and eye coordination. In fact, I'd highly recommend public schools bring back handwriting to students.

Thanks to being introduced to fountain pens I now write almost daily, and don't even think about using a computer for taking notes. My handwriting has also dramatically improved, to the point where it's a little weird getting compliments on it as a dude. I also like the idea of using permanent inks on high quality paper. The idea of having your words continue on, short of fire or extreme water damage, is pretty neat. Handing your words down to the next generation, old school style."