Monday, January 2, 2017

Diamine Deep Dark Ink Collection

Previously, I compared some of these inks to the Ebony Ink series from Private Reserve but that was only 4 of the inks. I now have the set of the Diamine Deep Dark Inks that are exclusive to Cult Pens and now we can look at all 6 ink colors.

Deep Dark Brown is a nice brown ink with decent shading. The saturation is rather dull on the writing compared to the swab. The shading really makes the deep dark portion of the ink come to life. Without it, the brown is a tad bland and unexciting.

Deep Dark Blue is a dark blue I really like. It really looks like a nice dark denim color and dries the same color unlike the Deep Dark Brown. This blue has decent flow, decent shading for a dark ink and good saturation. Overall, it is a solid dark blue color.

Deep Dark Purple is a nice purple if you like a purple based more off of the reddish side of purple. It is another example of shading saving this ink color. Without the shading, the red value of purple bleeds out the life in this color and the lightens it dramatically. The shading saves this ink and adds some dimension to the color.

Deep Dark Green is a lovely shade of green. It flows well, shades well and has a nice balanced saturation. It is very reminiscent of a Hunter Green and could pass for an everyday writing ink color rather than a green ink outside of the office.

Deep Dark Red has quickly become my red ink of choice. It is a very dark red offering that really embodies the color of blood. It is even darker than Diamine Oxblood and it doesn't seem to stain the converters I have tried it in. Great flow, saturation and shading. A great dark red ink color.

Deep Dark Orange is a pleasant surprise as I was very hesitant to order this ink color. I was very wrong and love this color. I assumed it would be bright and quite impractical to use but it is a decently dark shade of orange with lovely shading, and saturation. It is much darker than Noodler's Apache Sunset and it does not have the red/yellow shading elements.

There they are, all 6 of the Diamine Deep Dark Ink colors. I really enjoy 4 of them immensely whereas the brown and purple are not really my type of color. They are exclusive to the UK based Cult Pens but they ship internationally and they deliver very quickly. I am impressed. Enjoy the ink and keep writing!

This review is based off of my experience and opinion. I do not represent Cult Pens nor Diamine and I am not being compensated in any way.

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