Tuesday, January 17, 2017

InCoWriMo is Coming!

Last post was all about writing letters and a great organization aimed at doing just that. Who's heard of InCoWriMo? Anyone?

InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month and takes place during February. The goal or challenge, if you will, is to write to 1 person per day for the 28 days of the month. Ready for the challenge?

There is a great website devoted to InCoWriMo. It has a lot of great information and even has a list of 28 people who would love some correspondence if you would like to use. Do you have to write to a different person every day? No, not at all. You can write to whomever as often as you choose. It doesn't have to be a letter either. This correspondence can be a letter, postcard, greeting card, note or whatever the only rule is it has to be hand written. This is an analog based endeavor after all.

I will be participating and I sure hope you are inspired to try it too. I will write to at least one person per day but knowing me, it will be multiple people per day. I do like to write letters and make connections around the globe. What a better way to use your fountain pens, ink and paper? Heck, it can be any pen or a pencil even. Want to write in crayon, do it! Color a picture while you are at it. The recipient will enjoy the surprise and hopefully there will be 28 smiles or more during February's writing extravaganza!

Would you like to receive some mail during InCoWriMo? Eric at InCoWriMo.org has a forum on his blog where you can post your address for other participants can write you. The post is the InCoWriMo Address Exchange.

There is also a participation map on the site where you can place a pin on the location you will be writing from. It is all in good fun so try it. Write someone and make their day. There is nothing quite like getting some mail you actually want to read rather than bills and ads. Give it a try and have some fun!