Monday, October 10, 2016

What New Items Am I Working With?

What’s New?

I figured this would be a fun idea and let all of you see what new items I have been playing with lately. It has mainly been ink related as you have already seen the Diplomat Aero I recently purchased. I ordered some ink samples and have been playing all weekend with the inks, trying to decide which I like and which I don’t.

What was ordered
  • Bookbinders Eastern Brown Snake
  • Bookbinders Ground Rattler
  • Bookbinders Red Spitting Cobra
  • Rohrer & Klinger Alt-Goldgrün
  • Montblanc Toffee Brown
  • Sailor Doyou

The Bookbinder inks were interesting. The Eastern Brown Snake was a definite winner for a reddish-brown. It shades nicely, has good saturation and flow. It does tend towards red more than brown at times but overall a solid color.

The Red Cobra is atrocious and quite visually loud. It may appeal to some but I will not be using it nor will I be purchasing a bottle. This was a disappointing ink color.

The Ground Rattler is a grey ink and it is rather plain. It is a standard grey but it just doesn’t have a personality, in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with the color, it is just not that different than the grey colored inks I already have.

Rohrer & Klinger is a well-known German brand and their Alt-Goldgrün color is quite popular, so I decided to finally give it a whirl. I am normally not a fan of this shade of green but after using it, I love it. It shades, has great flow and saturation and is overall a wonderful ink. I will be purchasing a bottle of this and this is my first R&K ink.

Montblanc Toffee Brown is a winner as well. I seem to have been in a brown mood lately and my quest for the great brown ink continues. This one, I bought in bottle form immediately and should be here any day. It shades wonderfully, has great saturation and is a great shade of brown. I believe I have found my new favorite brown color.

Sailor Doyou is interesting. It is part of the 4 seasons Jentle line of ink and Doyou translates to Midsummer in Japanese. It is advertised as a dark brown color and after using it, it resembles more of a dark greyish-brown but for whatever reason I like it. This has also been purchased in bottle form and should be arriving shortly. As if I really need more ink.

There you have it. This has been occupying me for a few days as I give the ink samples a run through and see what I like. I am sure there will be more new acquisitions in the near future.

I do not represent any of these companies nor am I being compensated in any way. These are based off of my experiences and opinions.

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