Friday, October 28, 2016

Delta Journal Fountain Pen Review

After using my friends Delta Dolce Vita, I was wanting a Delta for myself. I had seen the release of the Delta Journal a couple months ago and was really drawn to the ivory finish and the matte finish on the Journal was intriguing. It was so intriguing that I purchased one for myself and here is what I thought.

This finish is quite interesting. It has a matte finish which I really do like but the texture on this resin has a very pleasing feeling to touch. It is a bit hard to explain but it is unique from any other pen I have. The material is very pleasing. It appears to be more brownish than ivory, or what I envision ivory to look like, and the swirls really brings the eye into the material.

This pen, much like the Dolce Vita Masterpiece, has a blind cap at the end of the barrel which allows you to use the converter like a piston filler which is fun. My only complaint with the pen, however, is that the blind cap is a tad wonky. It is definitely not uniform in shape and does not sit flush with the metal ring it is supposed to be resting on when closed.

The nib is steel and is not a disappointment. The writing experience is smooth with a bit of feedback but the feedback is minor and pleasant. The nib here is a medium width and from what I have experienced with Delta, it is a wet medium and juicy. There is no line variation to speak of but it is not meant to be used in that manner anyways.

I am very pleased with the pen and I find that I will put it down and will immediately pick it back up. My fingers just like holding the pen as if the resin is crack for my fingers. I would definitely purchase this pen again based off of this experience and the price is a great value at $120.

This review is based off of my experience and opinion. I am not representing Delta nor am I being compensated in any manner.

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