Monday, October 24, 2016

Diamine Deep Dark Inks vs Private Reserve Ebony Inks

Its a dark ink throwdown...ok, perhaps it isn't that drastic. Recently, I found some Diamine exclusive inks at Cult Pens, which is out of the UK. I have my hands on them and decided to go toe to toe with PR Ebony Inks.


Both of these brown inks are dark, but the Private Reserve ink is darker and richer by comparison. Both shade nicely, but the Ebony Brown has a richer tonal contrast, in my opinion. The Diamine brown is quite nice, it really is. I just rather like the overall package of the PR Ebony Brown more.


Ok, Diamine wins this one in a landslide. PR Ebony Blue is flat, lifeless and is not all that ebony. Diamine offers up a very rich blue that even has some shading for the darkness it has. Diamine offered a blue with some luster and life and it knock PR Ebony Blue out for the champion belt.


Here we have a tie. Both of these inks are a very rich and dark green which is absolutely gorgeous. The Diamine version does seem to shade a little which is a feat as they are dark colors and darker colors generally don't shade as well.


 Here we have 2 very different purple colors. Private Reserve is definitely more blue and the Diamine is much more red. I guess it depends on your personal preference here but I am more of the PR Ebony Purple type of fella. Private Reserve is richer and darker, which I like. The Diamine is good also but it is a shader and that adds to its contrast. Without that shading, it is a very red violet color that generally doesn't sit well with me. Both colors are great purple colors, but my nod goes to Private Reserve here.

So here are my preferences based off of this comparison:

  • Brown: Private Reserve Ebony Brown
  • Blue: Diamine Deep Dark Blue
  • Green: Diamine Deep Dark Green (for the shading)
  • Purple: Private Reserve Ebony Purple
This post is based off of my experiences and opinions. I am not being compensated at all nor do I represent either company above in any fashion

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  1. Thanks for this comparison. I was looking for this kind of dark inks battle.

    I do have several Diamine, Cult Pens (made by Diamine as you know), Private Reserve Ebony and many others. Among all these, I find the Cult Pens Deep Dark and Private Reserve Ebony inks the darkest and richest of all my collection. My favourite color possibly is the very dark greens, so to me the P.R. Ebony Green and the C.P. Deep Dark Green are probably my favourite ones.