Monday, October 3, 2016

My Favorites from my collection thus far

As new items come and go, our favorites will change accordingly. With this in mind, and looking at my collection as it stands now, here are my favorites from my collection.

  • Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age
  • Franklin Christoph 19
  • Diplomat Aero
  • Signum Nova
  • Karas Kustoms Ink

  • Black – Noodler’s Heart of Darkness/Bad Black Moccasin
  • Blue – Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao
  • Grey – J. Herbin Stormy Grey
  • Red – Private Reserve Burgundy Mist
  • Green – KWZ Hunter Green
  • Orange – KWZ Honey
  • Yellow – too bright, I don’t use this color
  • Purple – Private Reserve Ebony Purple
  • Brown – Private Reserve Ebony Brown

  • IKEA Notebooks
  • Fabriano
  • Mnemosyne
  • Rhodia
  • Tomoe River
My grail pen is a Pelikan M800/M805 and someday I will have one. 

Keep writing!

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