Thursday, October 13, 2016

Delta Dolce Vita Masterpiece Fountain Pen Review

This pen is on loan from a good friend of mine and this is his newest acquisition as well as his first Delta. This is the Delta Dolce Vita Masterpiece mid-size with a 14kt gold 1.1 mm stub nib. In the spirit of Halloween, this finish is quite appropriate so let’s have a look.

It is a good sized pen in girth as well as length. I have large hands and it fits very solidly in my hand. The finish definitely sets it apart with its orange/black print that is much more appealing in person than it is in photos. The gold accents really help make the pen pop.

This is a cartridge/converter pen with a nice little surprise feature that I quite enjoyed. It has a blind cap at the end of the pen that reveals the metal end of the converter to give the pen a piston like filling feel to the pen. I found that to be a nice touch.

The nib is the standout here. It is a rather rigid 14kt gold nib but smooth as butter when writing. You can coax some spring out of the nib but it is more of a solid and sturdy performing writer. The stub has a sweet spot, as all stub nibs do, however it is a tad narrow but not as narrow as the Lamy 2000 is. The nib writes quite wet, yes, it is a stub nib, but wetter than some other stubs I own. A nice line of ink is put on the page with this nib and it is quite enjoyable.

Overall this is a grand pen and worth the price considering it is a luxury pen. I am very appreciative to have been able to use it for this review, thanks Mike and who knows, I may get one some day.

This review is based off of my opinion and experience. I am not being compensated in any way nor am I representing Delta in any fashion.

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