Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Color Change Phenomenon in "New" Products

I have a hard time with a phenomenon that exists not only in the pen community but in all aspects of products for sale. That is the special colors of goods but not much else changes in the product model. Pilot Metropolitans did this last year with their retro pop line and more recently is Lamy and the LX introduction.

Lamy LX

The Lamy LX, for those who are unaware, is a new offering from Lamy in four new colors which are ruthenium, palladium, gold and rose gold. The LX is basically a re-issue of a Lamy Al-Star with a small amount of changes but an increase in price.

The LX features a glossy black nib, has color matching clips and comes with an aluminum carry case for a list price of $70. The Al-Star does not have a color matching clip, does not have a carry case and a black nib could be added to it easily. The Al-Star usually retails for $38.

Lamy Al-Star

I guess I just do not understand the jump in price for cosmetics and I may be missing something here. I am not bashing Lamy at all as I do enjoy their products. I just do not understand the phenomenon of introducing a new color and people go nuts over it.

Lamy is known for offering a special edition Safari pen every year with a special ink color and that is only made that year. I understand the collecting aspect here, I do. I also understand that it is difficult to offer changes with inexpensive pen lines that are desired and fit in a specified budget. The recent dark lilac offering for 2016 is case and point here.

Lamy Safari Dark Lilac

It seems gimmicky to me to offer this new line of pen at an elevated price just for cosmetic changes. The new pens look nice, they really do, but I would expect to pay Al-Star prices. I could be in the minority here thought wise and that is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and ultimately can purchase whatever we see fit. Am I telling you to not buy this new pen, nope. Am I presenting my opinion, I am and that is all I am doing here.

What do you think of these pens or this phenomenon? I am just looking for an intelligent discussion here as there is no correct answer.