Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Great Ink Resource

It is no doubt that I love fountain pens and ink. I have a rather large and ever increasing ink collection but my ink reviews are a tad lacking. Many people on the internet make ink reviews and it is hard to make an ink review that stands out from the rest and is unique.

I would like to introduce those of you who are newer to the pen community to VittaR. I unfortunately do not know her name and I do know she wouldn’t want it shared anyways. This inkophile has a YouTube channel where she does very elaborate ink reviews and has done many inks to date.

I really do not have a way to contact her as I will usually reach out and ask permission before posting about someone who has an established online presence. What I know is she lives on the Western part of the US and is a classically trained bookbinder and an Italian guru.

Check her reviews out. She is a great resource when you are considering buying a certain ink.

You can follow her at her YouTube account.

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