Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Montegrappa Copper Mule Fountain Pen Review

I have had this pen for awhile now and it gets used more and more often as I write. It is a pricey pen but it is interesting. 

The Montegrappa Copper Mule is a copper pen which makes it a heavy pen and I like that. The pen is not solid copper, as the ring on the cap and section are not copper, like a Karas Kustoms pen could be. It can be posted but I prefer not to post my pens and due to the heft, it may be better to be left unposted.

Since it is copper, it will develop a patina over time as it comes in contact with the oils in the skin of the fingers/hand. I didn't think I would like that aspect but after I saw it, I fell in love with the patina.

Now if you happen to be a person that would prefer to have the copper be shiny, a polishing cloth does come packaged with the pen to enable your efforts to keep it nice and glossy. If fingerprints are not your thing, this may not be the pen for you, especially if you want it glossy.

Now for a pen that retails at $375, you would expect a gold nib, right? Well, it is a steel nib with a gorgeous engraving on the nib but alas, it is steel. The nib has some feedback and writes on the drier side of the spectrum. It isn't desert type fry but do not expect an ink gusher.

The filling mechanism is a cartridge/converter style rather than a piston filler that is more common for this price range. 

All in all, I do love the pen and if I had to change anything it would be to add a gold nib and a bit more wetness to the nib.

  • Copper pen
  • Nice balance and heft
  • A great eye catcher
  • Smooth writer with a bit of feedback
  • Very pricey
  • Steel nib for the price
This review is based off of my own experience and opinion. I do not represent Montegrappa nor am I being compensated in any way.

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