Friday, August 26, 2016

Franklin Christoph Model 19 "1901" Fountain Pen Review

My very first Franklin Christoph pen and all of the reviews I had read beforehand did not lie, a superb pen and great writing experience. Let’s take a look at the model 19 “1901” fountain pen.

First off, this pen is a big pen in width with a decent length. From nib to the end of the barrel it is 5.1” which fits my hand perfectly. The pen is a little hefty at 28g but not too much. It is more of a middle weight pen in the community.
The finish I went with is black and smoke which is a black finish with 2 smoke acrylic rings in the pen. One in the cap and one in the barrel which just adds to the classy, elegant look of this pen. Franklin Christoph 19 is etched subtlely around the base of the cap. 

The nib here is the true star of the show. Franklin Christoph offers steel nibs, gold nibs and specialty nibs including nibs ground by Mike Masuyama. For those unaware with Mr. Masuyama, he is a world renowned nibmeister whom grinds custom nib sizes for customers and all types of nib based work. I ordered a steel nib from the Mike Masuyama nib selection in a medium cursive italic grind. The writing experience is stellar here and I have fallen in love with this nib. I may need to break down and try a 18k gold nib.

The flow is middle of the road between dry and wet. It is just the right amount of ink for the writing need and the feed keeps up well under fast writing conditions.


  • Classy, elegant looking pen
  • Nice weight
  • Custom nib options
  • Price is adequate considering the nib options
  • Company is a joy to work with


  • Would like to see this in a piston filler option

This review is based off of my experiences and opinions. I do not represent Franklin Christoph nor am I being compensated in any way.

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