Thursday, March 16, 2017

Robert Oster Fire & Ice - My thoughts Take 2

In my previous post, I went through my frustration with this ink and its refusal to sheen. I thought about it, I decided to buy a bottle anyways and guess what? Sheen for days!!

Now I completely understand the love of this ink and the reason it is so popular. The sheen is absolutely powerful, pronounced and gorgeous. The above example was written with an Edison M steel nib on Tomoe River Paper. Look at all the sheen with a M nib.

Ok, so it is odd that the sample didn't produce any sheen for me but the bottle does. Can you get a dud sample? Seems rather unlikely. This Cerulean blue ink is a wonderful ink. It shades, sheens, has nice flow and is a must own ink, in my opinion.

This post is based off of personal experience and opinion. I do not represent Robert Oster in any fashion nor am I being compensated in any way.


  1. If you like Fire & Ice, I would totally recommend trying Blackstone Barrier Reef... More blue than Fire & Ice, but a beautiful sheen.

  2. I do have Barrier Reef Blue and Sydney Harbor Blue from Blackstone. Highly saturated ink colors and nice inks.