Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Inkjournal Ink Flight #2

Inkjournal strikes again with another Ink Flight box and this one was teased a bit as to what the inks would be. I took a gamble and was rewarded with inks I had hoped for. Let's take a look at the inks and the surprise included.

The clue for the upcoming inks were that they would come from overseas. Granted, that could reference Diamine, Bookbinders, Faber Castell, J. Herbin and many more brands but I had a gut feeling they would be Robert Oster inks. I was correct.

Robert Oster inks have become very popular recently and the most infamous would be Fire and Ice. I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in trying them out and I really like the color palette included in this Ink Flight.

Our Robert Oster samples for March are:

  • Barossa Grape
  • Fire & Ice
  • Peppermint
  • Cafe Crema
  • Australian Sky
  • Yellow Sunet
  • Direct Sun

Along with the inks came a Robert Oster blotting card. 

It is a convenient and portable way to handle long drying ink when on the go and you need to hurry and close that notebook on a freshly penned note(s). Last month we had the micro fiber cloth and here is a blotter card. I love this.

Next was a surprise. Last month there was an InkJournal book for our ink cataloging needs but this month was a bit different.

Three Platinum Preppy pens with all of the supplies needed to convert them into eyedropper pens. Included are the pens with F nibs, o-rings, silicone grease and an eyedropper. Now, you may be sitting there thinking "well that is all fine and dandy but how in the heck would I do that!" 

Instructions are also included! Huzzah! This eyedropper kit was a welcome surprise and allows other pen enthusiasts to possibly try something new. 

InkJournal Ink Flight #2 is a success in my opinion. I paid $25.00 for this months offering and I believe I will be continuing to do so going forward. I really like seeing what is inside the box!

This post is based off of my experience and my opinions. I do not represent InkJournal in any way nor am I being compensated in any way.


  1. I wish we had a subscription box like this over here in the UK :)

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