Thursday, March 23, 2017

Aurora Blue-Black Ink - My Thoughts

It is not all that often to run into a pen/ink maker that only has 3 ink offerings but Aurora is that brand. This blue/black ink is their third ink color offering alongside Black and Blue which are great inks. This ink has been making some waves in the community and a friend provided me a sample of this ink to play with. Let's take a peek.

First off, a very interesting color here. This is a piece of Mnemosyne paper with some ink applied with an eye dropper. A nice rich blue hue is there with some nice shadows and a dark sheen is there as well. Fascinating results.

I took a look at my ink supply and found three other ink colors to compare against Aurora Blue/Black. I chose Noodler's Air-Corp Blue/Black, Private Reserve Ebony Blue and Diamine Deep Dark Blue. Once again, quite interesting here. Aurora has some dark purple tones which implies some red whereas the Noodler's Air-Corp has more green in it which makes sense as it is a more military themed ink. Diamine Deep Dark Blue came the closest to the Aurora offering and Ebony Blue had a green tinge as well. All are nice dark blue colors but this Aurora color stands out as a favorite of mine.

On Rhodia paper, it looks great. This ink has a great flow, nice saturation and is a surprising shader since it is a dark ink. That was a surprise for me. Even being more of a wet ink, it doesn't take long for drying times and is a pleasure to write with.

Tomoe River paper actually brings out some sheen here and there. The pens used were a Jinhao x750 with a M nib and a Franklin Christoph 19 with a Medium Cursive Italic nib. The ink behaved much like on the Rhodia paper. We had great flow, nice dry times and shading with some sheen here.

Overall a very nice ink that is acceptable for professional use in an office setting or just some personal journal writing. It is not waterproof so it may not be a wise choice for anything needing to be archival. I really like how the black qualities of the ink are muted and the blue does shine through so it is not a super dark offering. I will be buying a bottle most definitely, as if I need more ink, but I am doing it anyways. Thhppfft!

This is based off of my personal experience and opinions. I do not represent Aurora in any way nor am I being compensated.

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