Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Lamy vs. Pilot Shootout for the Beginning Pen User

Many pen people have done this comparison and it is still somewhat a heated debate. Which is better for the beginner, the Pilot Metropolitan or the Lamy Safari? Here is my take on it.

The Pilot Metropolitan is a great pen that is made in Japan. As all pens go, it has some pros and cons associated with it.

  •         Made out of metal (durable) and heavier than plastic
  •          Comes with a converter and cartridge
  •          Comfortable grip
  •          Classic design
  •          Fun colors and designs

  •          Nibs are ground by Japanese standards and are finer than its western counterparts
  •          Cannot change out nibs
  •          Converter/cartridges are proprietary
  •          Only available in F and M nib sizes

The Lamy Safari is also a great pen but this company comes out of Germany. Let us look at the pros and cons here:

  •          Fun colors
  •         Ability to change out nibs with other Lamy nibs
  •          Light in weight

  •          Does not come with a converter
  •         Converter/cartridges are proprietary
  •          Triangular grip
  •          Made of plastic

When comparing these pens, I prefer the Pilot as I like a heavier pen but since we are looking at a starter pen, I would go with the Lamy. Why? The ability to change nib sizes is a huge advantage to a new pen user. The nibs are not expensive and allows a new pen user to easily try different line widths to see which they prefer without having to buy multiple pens with specific nib sizes. In my opinion, this ability is invaluable to a new fountain pen user. It is even a wonderful thing to the experienced pen user as well.

So there it is. I put it out there. I really like both pens and both pens have a specific niche in the pen community. I just like the Lamy better for beginner pen users.

This post is based off of my opinions and experiences. I am not representing Lamy or Pilot in any way nor am I being compensated by either company.

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