Monday, May 23, 2016

Tekker Ink Review

Tekker Ink is relatively new to the fountain pen ink community and have come up with an interesting idea, choose your own color and they will make a 100ml bottle of it. You even get to name it.

A good friend of mine ordered a bottle and chose color #C10505 and entitled it Roman Red after his new grandson Roan Michael. I was given a sample to review and I was also granted permission to share his experience with Tekker Ink.

Let's look at the ink first.

This is an interesting ink. It writes wet and appears to want to shade but then it doesn't. Really no shading of any kind which is weird as it looks like it sure wants to when it is being written with.

The color seems to be a tad under saturated but overall the color is a nice red. Tekker claims they have tested their formula to work on most papers and I tested this ink on several papers. The only paper tested that was a disaster was really cheap copier paper. Overall, it behaves well.

The ink is not overly water resistant but better than some. It did explode a bit but this is definitely recoverable if it needs to be.

Ok, let's talk about Tekker Ink, the company. My friend ordered this ink and was very excited. It took exactly 1 month to receive it from order. After around 3 weeks of hearing nothing, he emailed the company several times with no response. He finally sent an email stating he was going to have the order cancelled. Now he got a response stating that they were a bit short handed and they would ship it before weeks end. That didn't happen, at least who knew as there was no shipping emails sent. 

My friend finally got fed up and filed a complaint with PayPal. He had the ink 2 days later. After receiving the ink, another email was sent to Tekker Ink thanking them for the ink and some friendly feedback on his experience. Once again, no response.

Will my friend order from Tekker again, nope. After seeing this, will I order any? I am thinking I don't need the headache. There are plenty of companies making ink that want my business and deliver in a timely manner with great customer service. 

It is a fine ink but I don't feel it is worth the hassle.

This review is based off of my opinion from my experiences. I am not affiliated with Tekker Ink and I am definitely not being compensated in any way.