Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Edison Pen Company - Mina Review

The Mina comes in two sizes, the Mina and the Mina Extended. The Edison Pen Company is known for high craftsmanship, exquisite materials and some of the smoothest nibs around. The Mina is all of these.

I purchased the Mina Extended as I have larger hands. The Mina itself is a smaller pen compared to the bulk of the Edison Pen Company's line of pens and that is by design. Brian Gray, the owner of Edison Pen Co., wanted a smaller pen that appeals to both men and women. The pen's design is a small waist with a slow flared out taper on either end which causes an interesting curved silhouette. This curved silhouette is also why the pen does not come with a clip.


Weight w/ Cap20 grams23 grams
Weight w/o Cap14 grams16 grams
Diameter at thickest.596″.596″
Diameter at thinnest.520″.520″
Length Capped5 1/4″6″
Length Uncapped4 3/4″5 1/4″

Now you may be saying "wait a minute...I don't see this pen model in online pen stores. What the heck?" The online stores carry what the Edison Pen Company calls their production line. These pens are the Collier, Pearlette, Premiere and Beaumont. The Mina is part of the Signature line and has to be purchased from Edison exclusively whether from emailing the team what you are wanting or finding the team at a pen show.

What is really nice about this method is the ability to choose the material the pen is to be made from which gives it the custom feel. They have some amazing materials from ebonite to acrylic resin. This pen was made with the cappuccino mesh acrylic material and is simply stunning.

The nib also comes in choices from steel, 18k gold and run the gamut from extra-fine to 1.5mm stubs. I chose a two-toned steel nib with a broad tip and the nib glides on the page. The Mina does not come fitted with the standard #6 nib as all of the other models do, this has a #5 nib. It is smaller but still very smooth and a solid performer.

Overall, I love this pen and is my second Edison pen. These pens are easily my smoothest writers and I cannot put them down. The Edison Pen Company was a joy to work with in choosing the pen, ordering and shipping the pen to avoid any damage. I will order from Edison again and perhaps you should give them a look too.

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