Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Papier Plume Samhain Limited Edition FPD Ink

Halloween has come and gone this year as well as Fountain Pen Day (FPD). My only purchase on FPD were a couple of inks from Papier Plume as one of these inks was a special limited edition for FPD inspired by Halloween. Samhain is a Gaelic festival that celebrates the harvest season and the moving into winter and is the inspiration for Halloween.

Papier Plume made this ink in a very limited quantity and they were going to be hand-outs to the participants at a get together for FPD. After an inquiry, I learned they would put about 30ish bottles on the website at noon that day so I was diligent and was able to get a bottle ordered.

The photo on the website showed a dark, murky purple ink and it looked amazing and so appropriate for Samhain, which is what the ink is called. When I received the ink, I was super disappointed as it was more of a greyish, faded purple than anything.

I then visited the Papier Plume website again to see if I was hallucinating the ink color and then I read the description. “It has great shading qualities going from a thin purple (the thinning of the veil) to a dark purple (the longer nights).  We've found best results in a wetter nib, or even some sort of flex nib.” Well crap!

I then swabbed the ink with a small paint brush and I was able to see more purple but it is still more muted and I also compared it to Bayou Nightfall which is also a greyish green color.

The only time I was able to get a darker purple out of this was when I had to prime the piston on a Twsbi Diamond 580 and 2 large drops of ink came out. Yes, the ink does seem a tad on the drier side.

I will say that the ink shades quite nicely and does have some saturation visible on certain papers. It is a decent ink but it was not what I was expecting and I am very disappointed. At this point, I doubt I will keep it. 

This is based off of my experience and my opinion. I do not represent Papier Plume nor am I being compensated in any way.

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