Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Smooth Operator Battle - Who Wins?

I realize I am treading on dangerous ground here as people have very strong opinions on certain pens. This is based on my findings and preferences since smoothness is completely subjective.

I looked at my smoothest writing pens in my collection and originally had 6 pens picked out but then I decided to limit this to gold nibs across the board so my Twsbi pens are out. Perhaps I should also do a smoothness comparison amongst my steel nib pens.

Let the battle begin!

Let’s start with the Platinum 3776 with a 14kt gold nib. Japanese nibs are generally finer in their grinds so this is a broad Japanese nib which is close to a German medium. It is a lovely writer and a gorgeous pen with a classic shape. There is noticeable feedback on this nib both audibly and physically which puts it down on the list. It isn’t unpleasant but since this is the smoothness battle, it must tap out.

On to the Pilot Vanishing Point here with an 18kt gold medium nib. I have a few Pilot pens but the VP seems to perform above the other Pilot’s I have. It is smooth and writes very well every time I call upon it. It is a very smooth writer with some feedback but when compared to the 3 pens below here, it just cannot compete.

The Visconti Homosapiens Steel Age has a 23kt nib in Palladium and this particular nib is a medium. This nib is super smooth with the most minimal of feedback but is quite an ink cannon. This nib deposits a generous flow of ink to the page which is great but how much of the smoothness is the nib and how much is attributed to the ink flow? I am not complaining about this pen as I love it but I feel the ink flow helps too much. Yes, super smooth writing here but due to my criteria, I am pushing it to third.

Which leads to the battle of German pens apparently.
The Pelikan SouverÓ“n M800 is an absolute delight to write with. It has some audible feedback but is super smooth when writing with the medium 18kt nib here. Ink flow is adequate and not anywhere close to gushing.

The Lamy 2000 has a 18kt medium nib and is super stealthy and smooth.  Much like the Pelikan, it has trace amounts of audible feedback but is butter smooth when writing. Ink flow here is also adequate and nowhere close to gushing.

This is super tough. I will have to give the edge to the Pelikan but the margin is very slim compared to the Lamy 2000. Price can be a deciding factor if you are looking at these two pens but the Pelikan gets my winning nod. 

This is solely based off of my opinion and experience. I do not represent any company featured here nor am I being compensated in any way.

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