Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lamy Petrol - I Have Seen You Before

Lamy Petrol is the hot ink topic in the pen community as of late and every time I saw a swab of it online, it looked so familiar. At our last pen group meetup, I had an opportunity to obtain a sample of Lamy Petrol from a friend and then it hit me on where I had seen this ink before. It is a dead ringer for Noodler’s Ink Air-Corp Blue Black.

It is amazing how closely related these two inks are here. Both inks are a very dark teal, sometimes to the point of looking near black. The only difference I can see if the Lamy Petrol tends to sheen more than the Noodler’s Air-Corp but only if you decide to glob it on.

Lamy Petrol is having issues with meeting demand, for whatever reason, so if you are wanting to get a bottle of this ink, the Noodler's Air-Corp Blue Black ink is available from your favorite retailer, I would bet.

This is based off of my experience and opinion. I do not represent Noodlers or Lamy nor am I being compensated in any way

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