Friday, April 7, 2017

Inkjournal Ink Flight #3

I am really enjoying this Ink Flight concept and I thank Inkjournal for coming up with the idea and making it happen. It is not a subscription service and there are only a set number of these at the start of every month. Let's take a peek at what came in the third installment.


As with all of the Ink Flight boxes, there are 6 samples of ink which are a surprise until you open the box. There is an option where you can receive 7 samples and a special item and for $25, I cannot refuse.

 Month 1 was a set of Noodler Inks, month 2 was Robert Oster and this month is KWZ of Poland. I already love the inks made by KWZ, most notably the infamous Honey color but I have several other colors from KWZ. This set I only had 1 of the 7 inks so I am quite excited.

The inks this month are:
  • KWZ Honey
  • KWZ Old Gold
  • KWZ Azure #3
  • KWZ Menthol Green
  • KWZ Brown Pink 
  • KWZ Gummiberry (Iron Gall)
  • KWZ Turquoise (Iron Gall) 

  For those of you who may not be familiar with what Iron Gall means, I wrote an earlier post all about it called  The Gall of that Ink.

I really enjoyed all of these colors and Brown Pink may be my favorite of the new colors as I already had Honey.

  Along with the ink came an Inkjournal sticker, which is whimsical and fun.

The big surprise was what I saw next. An A5 Clairefontaine My Essential Notebook. Clairefontaine makes wonderful paper and notebooks and with a paper weight of 90g/m2, excellent for fountain pen use.

What was also fun with this is the little paper with the woeful tale of Phillip and how he just cannot finish a journal. There is a link we can use to download a PDF with great ideas to fill your Clairefontaine journal with so you do not end up like Phillip. I loved that. 

Once again a wonderful Ink Flight and I really look forward to these. Thank you Inkjournal and please keep this up. They are super fun and full of pen lover goodness.

This post is based off of my personal experience and opinion. I do not represent Inkjournal nor am I being compensated in any way.

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