Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Baron Fig A5 Notebook Review

I recently was given an A5 sized Baron Fig notebook from a colleague and I was anxious to try it as I have heard mixed reviews with these books and fountain pens. My results were very interesting here and I was quite surprised.

The book itself has stitching running down the binding which allows the book to open and lie flat, if needed. The paper feels nice to the touch and seems to have some weight to it. I decided to attack the paper with a myriad of inks and nib widths.

The line on the paper is very interesting here. It seems to be impervious to ink and cuts right through any lettering that may pass through it. That is rather annoying and I am no paper expert so I am unsure why that is happening. I could overcome this phenomenon with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness but my other inks seemed to fall short.

Also, most inks seemed to feather badly as well as “explode” a bit into the paper. J. Herbin was especially subject to this whereas Japanese inks were more tolerant to the page with Pilot Iroshizuku and Sailor. This phenomenon was more based on the ink itself rather than compared to differences in nib width. This was quite fascinating to me. Montblanc and Private Reserve also performed well and KMZ seemed to be right in the middle.

I really like the size of this book and at 72 pages, it is nice and thin which helps with portability. The quality of the book is nice and if you choose to use this with fountain pen, be wary of your ink choice to maximize your experience, and the legibility of your writing.

This review is based on my experience and opinion. I do not represent Baron Fig nor am I being compensated in any way.

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