Sunday, February 19, 2017

J. Herbin 1670 Inks "de-sparkled"

I have recently completed my collection of the entire set of the J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary inks known for their glittery components. There have been multiple reviews on each of these inks but I haven't seen one where the ink itself was used without shaking the bottle to include the glitter particulate. Let's do that.

After using these inks for a while, I found that the glitter was impractical for me. Sure, it adds a touch of whimsy to writing but what if you really like the color and don't want to spend the time cleaning out the feed afterwards. The answer is to not shake the bottle up prior to filling up your pen. These inks are highly saturated and are great flowing inks. 

Lexington Grey has been my go to grey ink for some time but Stormy Grey here has topped it. Great flow, deep dark color and an overall wonderful grey.

From a business perspective, I could use this for my office writing needs quite easily.

Emerald of Chivor is an interesting color. It is a very saturated ink that becomes green as it dries but really looks blue when it first visits the page. It is a gorgeous green color and I am a fan of the color green.

I now use this ink color in my green/black Pelikan M800 and this makes a stunning combo.

Rouge Hematite is a red color and I do not have a ton of red inks. I drug my feet on this color as red is not my most favorite but this is quite the red. It is heavily saturated and it is definitely stop light red. This can easily be used by teachers everywhere to the bane of the average student.

Now Caroube de Chypre I have reviewed before but this time we are looking at the non-glittery version. This is a reddish brown and is quite rich. The saturation is once again high but the flow and feel of the ink is wonderful. Montblanc Toffee Brown is still my go to brown but this is a close second.

I currently have this loaded in my Edison Mina Extended and it matches the cappuccino mesh acrylic very well.

Bleu Ocean is a very vivid blue ink color. The saturation really makes this blue sing. I have a ton of blue ink colors as it appears blue ink must be easy to produce as the market is drowning in blues. With that in mind, this blue is definitely in my top 5 blue hues.

This blue ink makes me smile. I have it loaded in my Platinum 3776 Chartes Bleu pen and the combination is perfect. 

Give these inks a try unshaken. Yes, they look very pretty with the glitter particulate included on the page but they are equally stunning on their own de-speckled selves. Oh, and they shade like crazy too!

This review is based off of my own opinions and experiences. I do not represent J. Herbin nor am I being compensated in any way.

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