Thursday, July 21, 2016

IKEA A5 Notebook Review

I may be late to the party here, but who knew IKEA offered notebooks? Anyone? I recently acquired one from friend and am here to tell you what I thought.

This is an A5 sized notebook and has a hard spine. The paper is 80g/m2 which is the same paper weight as Rhodia but without the ceramic coating. The paper is white and is smooth to the touch with a faint bit of tooth to it.

There is a clasp mechanism on the book to keep it closed which is a tad unsightly but very functional. It is constructed by a paper rivet, an elastic yet taught band and the circular "hook" as it sits.

The binding is such that it appears sturdy and the book can lie flat which is definitely a plus for a hard bound notebook.

The paper is not bad but it seems to have a little bit of issue with fountain pen ink. The paper is nice to write on, little feedback and overall a nice experience. I used a medium nib, a very wet broad and a 1.1mm Stub on the test.

There is a small amount of feathering on the wetter nibs, but it is very minimal and I did not notice any spread. What I did notice was bleed through and echo which I was surprised by due to the weight of the paper. The scrubbies definitely bled and if you look, it also bled in spots of normal writing. 

If using a normal medium or finer nib, I believe all would be fine with this notebook and would suit normal notebook needs quite well. If you were going to use this as say a bullet journal and doodle in it, then this may not be the book for you. I will personally be able to use this book and I look forward to it. 

This post is based off of my opinion and experience and I am not being paid to represent IKEA in any manner. I also do not represent IKEA in any way.

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