Monday, July 18, 2016

Currently Inked Up

I generally have quite a few pens inked up at a time and I decided I would share what I carry on a daily basis and what inks I am using at the moment.

21 pens inked up right now, yeah I know that sounds insane but it is true. Here they are listed:

Pilot Vanishing Point - M nib - Noodler's Heart of Darkness
Edison Collier Blue Steel - 1.1mm Stub - Private Reserve Black Magic Blue
Quill and Nib Custom pen - M nib - Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin
Visconti Rembrandt - M nib - Diamine Red Dragon
Sheaffer Taranis - B nib - Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin
Lamy Studio - B nib - Private Reserve Ebony Purple
Karas Kustoms Ink - B nib - Montblanc Oyster Grey
Twsbi Diamond 580 - 1.1mm Stub - Private Reserve Sherwood Green
Monteverde Invincia - 1.1mm Stub - KWZ Hunter Green
Platinum 3776 Century - B nib - Private Reserve Ebony Blue
Twsbi Vac 700 - B nib - Noodler's Ottoman Azure
Jinhao x750 - M nib - Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao
Jinhao x450 - 1.1mm Stub - KWZ Honey
Faber Castell Loom - M nib - Diamine Midnight
Jinhao x750 - B nib - J. Herbin Stormy Grey
Pilot Metropolitan - M nib - Noodler's Air Corp Blue Black
Lamy Safari - 1.9mm Stub - J. Herbin Stormy Grey
Montegrappa Copper Mule - M nib - Diamine Ancient Copper
Pilot Falcon - SFM nib - Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun
Edison Mina Extended - B nib - Private Reserve Ebony Brown
Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age - M nib - Private Reserve Ebony Brown

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