Monday, July 17, 2017

InkJournal Ink Flight #6

I must admit, I really love the InkJournal Ink Flight boxes every month. I love the mystery and surprise that each box contains. Last month I finally was able to try P.W. Akkerman inks and this month, Papier Plume which I have been wanting to try as well. What all did July have in store?

Papier Plume is a well-known retailer in New Orleans, Louisiana and has a reputation for the inks that they make and bottle. Their bottles are distinct and are usually wax dipped around the cap, much like Maker’s Mark whiskey bottles. I love that personal touch to the ink bottles and I was eager to try the ink. Here are the inks included this month:

  • ·         Mardi Gras Indian Purple
  • ·         Forget Me Not Blue
  • ·         Forest Green
  • ·         Peacock
  • ·         Caramel
  • ·         Sazerac
  • ·         Red Beans and Rice

These inks are very saturated and have some wet properties. I like how they are all influenced with New Orleans and Louisiana culture. Whether it be influenced by Mardi Gras, flower retailer, alcoholic drinks or cuisine, the ink has plenty of inspiration. The Red Beans and Rice ink color is brand new and was just unveiled at the Miami Pen Show. It is a red-brown ink that lends itself more pinkish much like KWZ Brown Pink.

Also in this month’s box was a small Rhodia pad with a Rhodia travel case.
The pad is pocket sized and has lined ivory paper rated at 41lb (90 GSM). The leather case is a nice touch and has a built-in pen loop for smaller sized pens. The pad is nice for notes on the go and I will make use of it at work.

It was a smaller box this month but I am pleased with it, per normal. I still believe it is a nice value at $25 and the hours I get from playing with the new inks is so much fun. Yup, I am a pen and ink geek.

This review is based off my opinions and experience. I do not represent InkJournal in any way nor am I being compensated. 

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  1. Please bring the Papier Plume inks to the next IowaPen meeting! I am totally interested in many of their inks, especially the Red Beans and Rice, the Caramel, and some of their greens especially the Chicago Pen Show greens and Streetcar Green. I will be visiting Papier Plume in September when we visit New Orleans, and I'm really looking forward to it. If you want me to bring you back some ink, just let me know.