Monday, September 12, 2016

Signum Nova Fountain Pen Review

A good friend of mine was gracious enough to allow me some time with this pen so that I could review it. I will admit, I did not want to give it back. Let's take a look at this Signum Nova in Ivory.

Wow, this pen is gorgeous. It is made of a resin and lacquer combo that feels wonderful to the touch. Aesthetically, it is beautiful with the gold accents next to the ivory which has amazing depth on its own. The finial has the Signum logo on it and it is a nice touch. This is a cartridge/converter based filling system.

The real star of this show is the nib. It is a 18k gold nib and has amazing springiness while writing. I don't normally experience this with 18k nibs as it is usually more of a feature on 14k nibs like the Pilot Custom 74. This broad nib is very wet and very juicy. The springy nib combined with the flow makes for an amazing writing experience.

Overall, this pen is purely a joy to hold and write with. It is a bit pricey through standard retail but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.

This pen was provided by a friend for review purposes and I am not a representative of Signum and I am not compensated Signum in any way.


  1. That's my pen, and I couldn't agree more, or do as good a job with the review. Thanks

  2. Hi! Thanks for a great review. Could you please tell me how the Signum Nova and Waterman Carene compare to the Lamy 2000 in overall performance? I have found a Nova for the same price as a Lamy 2k and a Carene for even cheaper, but spending over a 100 dollars on a pen is a BIG DEAL for me. I don't care much for Brand Names or aesthetics. The overall performance is most important. Which one should I go for?

    1. Well, that is tough as it depends on what you prefer. I prefer a wetter line but some people like a thinner even though the nib is the same M width. For me, I would go with the Nova out of these 3 solely for the wet line and the nib feel. The Lamy 2000 is a great pen but the sweet spot is extremely narrow which could be an issue for you depending on how you write. The Carene is also a great pen, but my choice is the Nova. Hope that helps.

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