Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sheaffer Taranis Ferrari Pen Review

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love Ferrari cars, always have. When I saw Ferrari fountain pens, I had to get some. This pen is quite interesting in its own right but I think the Ferrari edition adds that extra something here.

Sheaffer is an old pen company and is considered one of the big 4 original pen manufacturers. Through the years, Sheaffer has made some very interesting pens like the snorkel filler which is quite an engineering accomplishment. The Taranis is also an interesting pen.

The Sheaffer Taranis is named after the Celtic God of Thunder. This pen has a cigar like shape with a taper at each end but the taper morphs into a square shape whereas the barrel is round.

What really sets the Taranis apart is the nib. The nib is semi hooded which is loosely related to say the Lamy 2000 or the smaller nib feel in a Pilot Vanishing Point. It is made of steel here and the Ferrari edition has a broad nib offering where the standard Taranis is only F or M.

The grip section seems to be a turn off for many from what I have heard. The standard Taranis has the word Sheaffer embossed into the chrome accent in a good sized font. The Ferrari edition says Scuderia Ferrari on it rather than Sheaffer. Either way, I like it with the lettering. I have not run across a section like this before and I admire the sleekness of it, personally.

The pen writes smoothly with a touch of feedback but the overall writing experience is pleasant. The pen weight is nice as the body is metal and I am not a big fan of lighter pens. It does write a bit on the drier side but still puts out a nice line, it just is not a very wet writer.

I really like this pen. It is a cartridge/converter based pen and the cartridges/converter are proprietary. The converter does come with the pen and fits snugly. I recommend the Taranis to anyone and the Ferrari edition to the Ferrari fans at heart.

This review is based off of my own opinions and experiences. I do not represent Ferrari or Sheaffer and am not being compensated in any way.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Would you able to comment if the B nib width is similar to other steel sheaffer pen, such as the Prelude?
    Thank you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you so much. I pulled the trigger and brought a B Taranis Ferrari for $70. I will try on a wetter ink to try to make it write wider. Cheers

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