Saturday, April 23, 2016

Diamine Ink Review

Ancient Copper

Diamine is an ink company based out of the UK. This company was established in 1864 and is still producing a multitude of inks for fountain pens and calligraphy til the present day.

The pen used for this test is the Montegrappa Copper Mule with a M nib.

This color of ink is quite lovely and really captures the essence of copper, especially when it has dried. Dry times are quick and this ink is a great shading ink.

Diamine inks are not generally known for their water resistance qualities but this ink did fairly well. I could definitely recover what was written if need be and the explosion due to water was minimal.

All in all, this ink is a winner and a great match for copper pens if matching pen and ink is important. The saturation is good, the flow is medium and overall a great behaving ink.


  • Rich color
  • Nice Saturation
  • Good flow, not too wet
  • Affordable

  • Not overly water resistant

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